Magento Development

Our Process

  • Discovery

Every business is different. Different processes and products.
Our goal here is to have a deep understanding of your business’s products and processes including accounting, inventory, fulfillment, shipping and customer service.
Together we’ll identify what features/functionality will be needed in your new Magento store.

  • Project Scope

We document your needs, based on our Discovery Process.
Then we’ll identify what should be incorporated in your Magento build.
It’s almost like a recipe- 1 cup of purchased extensions, 1/2 cup of custom programming, and 1/4 cup of jQuery goodness.
Then, we’ll document all the work that we’ll be doing in a formal proposal, along with cost estimates.

  • Development

We begin with the most recent Magento versions and then install extensions identified during Discovery.
We create category pages to hold products and cms pages to hold content.
We help you create import spreadsheets for loading all your products into the new store.
We custom program as we work to incorporate all the features/functionality you need in Magento.
We also configure all the basic settings in the store, as well as taxes, payment methods, and shipping methods.
During this phase, we’ll train you in adding content to your cms pages. We’ll also import all your products in the store, automatically
assigning them to the appropriate categories(based on your spreadsheet).

  • Testing

Working together with you, we’ll put the front end thru it’s paces.
Anything that doesn’t work as expected gets identified as a bug and fixed.
We test your site in desktop and mobile devices to make sure everything looks good.

  • Launch

When everything is ready to go, we’re there beside you.
We test everything again and make sure your checkout process works flawlessly.
We prepare your site for search engine traffic as well, making sure your site gets indexed as quickly as possible.
After launch, help is only an email or phone call away.

Need some help getting your new Magento store launched?
We can help!
We are US based and we don’t outsource.
Professional, high quality work.
Magento development is all we do.