Magento product page promotional block

Every once in a while, you have an aha moment.
Mine was during a client’s 20% off promotion for a four day period. Client wanted to show some kind of banner to highlight their promotion.

I implemented a block on the product detail page that highlighted the current promotion.
This product block was something new for the client, as the previous month they ran the same promotion but without the promotional block on the product page.

After comparing the two promotions in Google Analytics for revenue, conversions and conversion rate, the product page promotional block increased revenue by 25%, conversions by 44% and conversion rate by 49%.

That was my aha moment. I can’t claim credit for the idea, but its’ effect was pretty dramatic.

Here is what the product promo looks like on product page (right below product name ).

To implement a promotional block in magento is actually pretty easy.

First step is to add an attribute named show_product_promo to all your attribute sets. This attribute should be a yes/no attribute and set to no by default.
That way it won’t show unless you edit a product to show product_promo to yes.

Here is the code that’s need to implement Product Promo (350)

Feel free to modify the css in included file as needed for your use.
Once your promotion is ready to run, assign the products that are part of promotion.

You can do this by filtering products in admin product grid and then selecting and updating attributes and selecting show_product_promo to yes.
You can also disable the promotion by disabling the static block. This is especially useful if you run promotions on the same group of products on a regular basis.

Hope this helps generate additional conversions and revenue for your magento store.

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