Installing Magento 2 using MAMP Pro

Magento 2.x has required all kinds of gyrations to install locally on your Mac. Not anymore!
Mamp Pro 4.1 has been updated to include MySQL 5.6, which is a requirement for installing Magento 2.x.
That’s good news for developers who want to install Magento 2 locally.

Today I am going to walk thru an install of Magento 2.15 using Mamp Pro v4.1, which is using MySQL 5.6.34 and PHP 7.0.13 as part of configuration.
We are going to use the Setup Wizard install method instead of command line installation.
It’s an easier way to install Magento, for most people.

First step is to go to and download latest magento version. In my case, I am downloading version 2.1.5.
Let the download finish downloading and then let it expand when done.

You will want to change the name of the directory to something shorter ie; mage2.1.5.
Place this inside the /Applications/MAMP/htdocs/directory, ie: /Applications/MAMP/htdocs/Mage2.1.5/

Using the phpMyAdmin tool that comes with MAMP, create a new DB named mage2.1.5.

Next step is to start pre-install process.
You’ll want to open your browser window to
This matches the path to where you placed your downloaded directory and points to Setup Wizard.
You should see an initial screen, with an Agree and Setup Magento button. Click on button. (see image below).

Next Step is Readiness Check (1)

Click on Start Readiness Check button and it will check your MAMP server for proper environment for installing Magento 2.
If your MAMP server meets Magento’s requirements, you will see a message: Completed! You can now move on to the next step(see image below).

If not, you’ll need to debug the errors until this step is completed.
This stackoverflow will help with mcrypt error, which may occur -
If everything is good with readiness check, click on next button and you’ll start the pre-install process.

The next step is adding a Database(2)
Enter DB username (root), DB password (root) and DB name (mage2.1.5) in input fields(see image below).

Click on Next Button.
Next step is Web Configuration (3).
You don’t really need to do anything here unless you want to customize the install(see image below).

Check on Next button.
Next Step is Customize Store(4).
You don’t really need to do anything here unless you want to change time zone(see image below).

Click on Next Button.
Next Step is Create Admin Account(5).
Fill in username, email address and password twice(see image below).

Click on Next Button.
Final Setp is the Install Process(6).
Click on Install Now Button.
The Magneto 2 install will now begin.
If you want to follow what’s happening, click open the Console Log button(see image below).

Once the install in completed, you’ll see the Success screen and Magento 2 is now installed on your Mamp server(see image below).

If you click on Launch Magento Admin button, you will be taken to the admin login screen.
Once you enter the admin credentials you created in step 5, you will be logged into the admin.
If you go to you will see the front end of your new store(see image below).

Congratulations, you have just installed Magento 2.15 on MAMP.
That was hard work! Relax and go grab a cold one(or beverage of your choice), you earned it.

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