Magento – Home Page Holiday Messages

There are a number of ways to incorporate message blocks in a cms page, but sometimes you want to have it be easy to enable/disable/edit.
For times like that, adding a static block via layout works best. It’s easy to disable and edit.
First of all, I’ll add a static block to the local.xml file- click to view holiday-banner (271).

Please note I added the banner to preface block, since that’s the block the slide show that’s on homepage is in (Using Ultimo theme).
Next step is to create a background image for our holiday banner (since it’s holiday specific).

Once we have the banner image, we can create the static block as well as add some css rules to our stylesheet in skin/frontend/themename/default/styles.css file to show background image behind our holiday message- click to view Static Block Holday Message (280)

Once we have all this in place and clear the cache, the new banner is visible above the slide show.

To disable the banner, just disable the static block. To change the message, just edit the text inside the p tags. How easy is that?

Good Luck

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