Magento – Grouped products checkboxes instead of qty inputs

Magento grouped products work really well for some products and not so well for other products.
One of my client sells both virtual and physical products in their grouped products.
Most of the sales are for the virtual product, which is a download.
Using default grouped products, visitors needed to enter a quantity in which ever product they needed.
This resulted in most visitors clicking without entering quantity, and then seeing an error message.
The client wanted to increase the numbers of visitors that added products to the cart.
Our goal was two fold:

  1. Reduce friction and make the process of adding products to the cart much easier.
  2. Make the add to cart button more visible by reducing clutter.

We will be making changes to the grouped.phtml file in the appropriate theme.
For example app/design/frontend/default/yourtheme/template/catalog/product/view/type/grouped.phtml
We also want to have the virtual product automatically selected, since over 90% of visitors choose download vs CD.
If you look at the code sample Grouped checkboxes (1196), you can see how we accomplish this.
Here is the end result after updating grouped.phtml template file and getting rid of extra buttons to make the add to cart button more visible.
As you can see, we have accomplished our goals of making it easier to add products to cart (just click on add to cart button for over 90% of visitors) and making add to cart button more visible.

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