Adwords Landing Pages

Customized Adwords landing pages can be very effective when used properly, much like squeeze pages, which have only one goal: getting the visitors email address.

The best landing pages usually follow a few guidelines:

They pass the Blink Test, which means the visitor can tell in 3 seconds what the page is all about:

  • Where am I?
  • Is it what I expected?
  • What can I do?
  • What’s in it for me?

The format I recommend is as follows:

Headline- Starting off with an Action verb, identifying the offer

Subhead- Bring viewer into the content

Intro Paragraph

Bullet point-3-5 benefits/features with first words bolded for impact
Offer and call to action

Trust elements on either sides or bottom

Testimonials  below trust elements

Privacy policy near submit button

A strong Call to Action in button

Here is an examples of a great landing page:

If you look closely at the page, you will see that it uses white space effectively to accentuate the offer,  has a strong headline and subhead, uses a variation on bullets (arrows)  to highlight the offer, and uses an action verb in the submit button.

It also uses a downward arrow at the top of the Free Download form, to direct visitor through form process. Notice the form doesn’t ask for a bunch of information, which lowers friction and increases trust.

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