Google Adwords Quality Score

Everytime a user types in one of your keywords in Google search, a complex set of events trigger your Google Adwords Ad. One of the primary factor is your Adwords Quality Score.
So what is Quality Score?

Quality score is a measure of how relevant your keyword and text ads are to the searchers query.

Your keyword/text ad are ranked for Quality Score everytime someone searches your keyword on Google. This determines Ad position and PPC cost, so it’s effect can be significant.

If your ad is very relevant and the keyword is relevant, your ad is shown. But that’s not all. You also pay a lower PPC amount than a less relevant keyword/text ad from your competitors. This all fits in with Google wanting to show the most relevant search results to their searchers.

So what’s involved in calculating your Adwords Quality Score?

  1. Historical Clickthru Rates on your text ad/keyword combination.
  2. Historical Clickthru Rates on your display url (Bottom green link in your Ad)
  3. Historical Clickthru Rates historically on your display url on all Adgroups
  4. The relevance and overall quality of your landing page
  5. The relevance of your keyword and text ad to the search query

What’s the best way to achieve high Quality Scores?

It all starts with a properly setup Adwords Campaign that includes Adgroups sorted by keywords, and then building text ads based on those Adgroups targeted keyword lists. By using these ‘silos’ to build targeted text ads and landing pages, you will automatically achieve a high quality score.

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