Google Adwords Content Network

What is the content network, and why should I care?

The Google Content Network is  a collection of websites that have partnered with Google to  display Google AdWords ads.

These sites are some of the most popular websites on the internet, but they also include MFA (Made for Adsense) sites. The content network displays your Ads within relevant content pages of a publisher’s website. It performs much like a banner ad, with corresponding low CTR and conversion rates. But Google charges you like it’s high quality search clicks, and splits the revenue with the publisher.

So why should I care?
When you setup your Adwords account, the default setting includes the content network. The content network performs like a banner advertising, but it’s priced like search results advertising. It will drive a lot of expensive, low quality, poorly converting traffic to your site. It will raise Impressions, lower  CTR,  lower conversion rate, and raise your monthly Adwords costs significantly. All without contributing anything to your business.

Check your Adwords network settings, and make sure you pay for advertising only on the Search Network, and not the Content Network. Put the money you save into driving more keyword targeted search traffic to your site.

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