Google Adwords Landing Pages

One of the most overlooked part of an Adwords campaign is the landing page.

Successful Adwords Campaigns have  four key components, all working in sync:

  1. Ad Groups
  2. Keywords
  3. Ad Creative
  4. Langing Page

Ad Groups
Ad Groups will be built around your keywords. For example if you sell golfing equipment, you might have three groups, Golf Clubs, Golf Bags, and Golf Shoes. This will allow you to segment the traffic, and generate more relevant creatives and higher converting landing page.

Keywords should be assigned to each Ad Group, and using our previous example, our Golf Club Ad Group will have keywords like golf clubs, Ping golf clubs, Ping irons, Ping drivers, Taylormade golf clubs, Taylormade irons, Taylormade drivers, etc. We want to make sure that they are exact match [golf clubs] keywords, so we cherry pick the best keyword traffic.

Ad Creative
The text ad that you write will have a great deal of impact on your success. What’s the goal of your Ad?

The primary function of the text ad is to get shoppers to click on your ad.

Think about what your competitive advantage is and how you can convey it in your Adwords Ad. If you have free shipping and hassle free returns, make sure you state it in your Ad.

Landing Pages

You should have at least one unique landing page for each and every ad group, though two would be better. These should be in sync with the keywords used by the shopper.

For example, if a searcher is looking for Ping irons, then make sure your landing page is the Ping Irons category level page. Don’t forget to reinforce the competitive advantage you identified on your Ad, either.  Free shipping and hassle free returns should be prominent in the landing page, either in the introductory text or as a graphic.

Continue matching up keywords with landing pages until you have matches for all the keywords. You can also use site search results pages as landing pages, when you have a very tightly focused keywords.

The benefit of matching keywords and landing pages will be apparent when you start to see improved conversion rates, lower cost per conversion, and improved ROI.  So get started on those landing pages!

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