Google Adwords–Today’s Prospecting Tool

In the ‘old days’, a company had rooms full of telemarketers, making unsolicited cold calls to ‘prospects’ trying to either make a sale on the spot, or make an appointment to see them in person. This method of prospecting has been obsoleted by Google Adwords.

Google Adwords works by displaying your ad whenever a searcher on Google enters a keywords related to your product or service. So, instead of you looking for buyers, the buyer is looking for you. That’s right, there are buyers looking for you, credit card in hand.

Google Adwords is very complicated, and there is a steep learning curve. You must know how to:

  • Develop keyword lists, and then create ads around those keywords.
  • Implement and analyze conversion tracking throught Google Analytics.
  • Design landing pages for each adgroup and/or keyword group.
  • Implement split testing on your landing pages.
  • Test headlines, images, layout and copy until you find the best combinations.
  • Continue to test, test, test until spend is down and conversion rate is up.

If this sounds complicated, that’s because it is. And it can be very expensive to get up to speed. There is an alternative. Hire an Adwords Professional, like Jon.
Jon has been involved with Google Adwords since it’s inception, and has been actively managing large Adwords campaigns during that time. He knows how to squeeze the most qualified traffic from every dollar you spend on PPC.

Jon is also an expert in Google Analytics, so he knows how to track visitors through your site, watch them interact with your website, and then recommend changes. He can help you lower bounce rates and increase clickthru rates, generating more pageviews and conversions.

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